1095 KENNEDY RD, WINDSOR, CT, 06095-1339 
Take Out,Eat in
Chinese Food,Asian fusion,Thai Food

Business Hours:
Monday- Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm Friday 11:00am-11:00pm Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm Sunday & Holiday 12:00noon - 10:00pm
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Average Price
Restaurant Type
Take Out
Eat in
Chinese Food
Asian fusion
Thai Food

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Reviewed by: Eros4748 on: 2015-12-05
Simply the best. I lived in the area for 10 years and left back in 2012. Last week I went back on a
Reviewed by: xxmcrlarysaxx on: 2015-02-13
The best food around fresh and delicious.
Reviewed by: Jeff F. on: 8/15/2013 2:38:46 AM
Working in Windsor, craving Chinese, and up pops Char Koon Noodle Express...take-out review...Concept of a noodle focused restaurant intrigued me, but it is really your standard fare take-out Chinese fare. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but don't come expecting too many unique offerings on that front (like I did). They do have a small noodle focused section, but nothing screamed out, 'Order me' and I went with my old standby, Singapore Noodles...Friends ordered off the lunch specials which include the standard rice (fried or white) and either a spring roll or soup. Prices reasonable for lunch specials at $6-7 for everything.We all agreed that the food was average fare...Not bad, but no reason to go out of your way. They spiced my dish appropriately, but another friend who ordered his extra-spicy was disappointed that it didn't have more heat (General Tso).Tip: If you are doing take-out, they have a pretty cool website to facilitate ordering. You can add menu items to cart, make special requests when adding items and 'check out'. You can specify pick-up times and method of payment as well. Used it for this take-out order and had the exact amount (tax included) I need to have for pickup and they nailed everything down to one person's request for chopsticks (in the bag waiting when I got there). That deserves a bonus star from me as it can be notoriously difficult to do phone ordering with most Chinese restaurants.
Reviewed by: Diana L. on: 7/15/2013 5:24:28 AM
Extremely solid Chinese take out or eat in.Ate here once, impressed with the quality and spiciness. The service seemed congenial, I mean, you order all at once so as long as they don't mess up your order does it really matter how amicable they are? The Singapore rice noodles were great. Egg roll and hot & sour soup - also great. If I were craving Chinese I would happily eat here again. Decor inside is sparse but cute/funny. Good lunch special.
Reviewed by: donyang97 on: 2013-01-23
Nice food and nice service!
Reviewed by: Aimee P. on: 2005-09-26
This place is a little bit more expensive than your average strip mall chinese restaurant. They offer different variations on Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai food. I love the Vietnamese Jumbo Shrimp. They do offer the usual chicken fingers, lo mein, ...?